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promotional items & products

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promotional items & products

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Natural Flora provides the best quality, best price and quick deliveries of 24kt gold plated natural roses, silver roses, copper roses.
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Gold Rose - real rose dipped in 24kt Gold, Silver rose, Copper rose

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24kt Gold Plated Natural Rose  Bud
Flowers are expressions of love... a gift from nature’s abundant beauty. It is this beauty that has fired our creativity and helped us in preserving these flowers from fading away. Dipped in 24kt Gold, creating the most beautiful effect that would enhance your decor. Say it with flowers... let it last forever.

6" fully gold-plated handcrafted bloomed rose, shape differ from stem to stem.
A real rose preserved and covered in 24kt gold. These gold roses are even more stunning in real life than can be captured here. Each one is unique and each is handmade through a 40 step process. Regular roses fade in days but these gold roses will last and be treasured forever. Each rose is preserved under the metal so it will last for years, and is also made strong by the process so it is not too fragile to touch or hold.

The rose has long been a symbol of love & beauty. It has been immortalized in the art & literature of many cultures. It is, to the flower world, what gold has come to be in the realm of precious metals. These two timeless symbols of richness and beauty have been perfectly combined in the rose that you have chosen, which has been carefully selected for you, preserved, then dipped in rich-24Kt. gold for your lifetime pleasure of enjoyment.

* This special offers includes bulk packing, minimum order 96 units doesn't include shipping

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